Our story

Let's start from the beginning.

If you go back in time pre-1990 and study watch trends and history of fashion you'll learn that the size for men's watches has traditionally been around 35-37mm. But, as the conspicuous consumption grew throughout the eighties and nineties so did the width of the average wrist watch.

Lately though, the pendulum has begun to swing back the other way with a return to small but masculine luxury watches. "Jumbo-watch fatigue are setting in" - to quote New York Times. Or to quote Pierre Rainero, Director of Heritage at Cartier:

“The more a man is secure about his masculinity and his taste, the more he can play with the traditional codes of masculinity.”

And as timepiece aficionado's, in our quest to find the perfect watch, we quickly realized that a small and thin 36mm automatic watch simply wasn't in the market. Not unless you were willing to wear a female timepiece, pay thousands of dollars for a vintage watch or settle for a cheap battery-driven Quartz.

The combination of high quality and reasonable price didn't exist - And that's what lead us onto the quest that would ultimately give birth to an idea that would travel to more than 30+ countries and 100+ cities overnight with the help of the most powerful, close-knit and supportive tech & design communities on the planet; Kickstarter.

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Boetti was founded in early 2015 by the Swedish filmmaker Roberth Oldstam together with a small group of friends with a passion for high-quality watches, technology and design.