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Hundreds of customers from all over the world have fallen in love with their Boetti 36 Automatic. Here's what they're saying:


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our fans from all over the world:

"From the first time I saw the watch I loved its elegant design and how it harked back to the days of slim, sophisticated design." – Paul Marston, United Kingdom

"I've always wanted an automatic watch, and this one is an elegant one that is an affordable price!" – Chester To, Australia

"Clean, minimalistic, adequate, high quality, and compact" – Abraham Im, Unites States

"The 36 mm case caught my attention as I was searching for an automatic watch with below 40mm case for people with small wrist. Boetti truly is the watch made by the people for the people!" – Imran Hafizi, India

"Price, thickness, automatic. I have yet to find any other watch that can match all three." – Samuel Eriksson, Sweden

"The engineering and minimalistic design is simply beautiful!" – Jakob Dackander,  Sweden

"The first thing that caught my attention about the Boetti 36 was the size, I have very skinny arms so I can't wear larger watches. And of course I love the design and the fact that it is automatic." – Nils Jonson, Sweden

"This watch represents a classic luxury watch that I needed to add to m my collection and is better with the mechanical movement! Thank you for creating this awesome watch!" – Hector F Gonzalez Garcia, Puerto Rico

"The Boetti watch is very stylish and different to many other watches on the market." – Catherine Sturge, Australia

"I like the simple elegance and beauty with practicality and value for money. Classic designs which will stand through time." – Noel B. L. Aquino, Philippines

"The terms "handmade" and "craftsmanship" had almost died out but thanks to the maker movement and crowd funding that is no longer the case." – Robert Vaughn, United States

"I'm a mechanical engineer with a deep appreciation for the classic movement of an automatic watch...plus I have really skinny wrists. Thanks for making a product that fits the bill." – Daniel Treffery, United States

"From the first time I landed on the Boetti Kickstarter home page, the Boetti stood out from the crowd. The Boetti is unassuming, yet refined. The clean case lines, the stunning blue seconds hand, the contrast between the bold roman numerals and the enameled white dial creates a classic look without looking dated. A watch that can fit any occasion." – Mark Lisanby, United States


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